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Official Facebook Page for McKee Barracks in Crailsheim, Germany. The first address you sent me is my buddy. Michael Bachman was my roomie in AT&T at C-Btry. We knew the owner, he was some American German who opened the place. We arrived in Crailsheim a month before the school year ended and Frau Linden (the elementary school German teacher) had no idea what to do with my two sisters and I. I went to many places there including Rothenberg . Ingrid Humphry, whose husband was based there between 1962 and 1965. The rest were garrison support (MP, medical aid station, etc) from 1st AD HQ in Ansbach. Collins Barracks, Cork; Address: Collins Barracks, Cork, T23 VA02. I really hope some other people can find this service and get in touch with people like I did. Its been great reading all these posts. I have great memories of the place. If you have any problem with it ,please contact me at I too felt somewhat sad when I visited the former McKee Barracks and think about how it was 33 years ago. Hi Amy,I was stationed with SVC Btry, 2/42 and 4/12 from Nov 86 to Jan 90. Thanks VetFriends, It was a wonderful moment that we will both remember for the rest of our lives, and we owe it to VetFriends. It was from Marlborough Barracks that the 6th Reserve Cavalry Regiment, made up of squadrons of the 5th Lancers and 12th Lancers, rode down what is now O'Connell Street in Easter 1916 and came under fire from the GPO, and beat a hasty retreat after encountering the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army who had taken over the building. Now 2009 the Base is total destroied. Upload a photo Closed in 1992. How time flies!I also don't have any particularly interesting stories to share wtih all of you, but I did a web search which produced a USAREUR aerial picture of the base in 1960I could pick out the bulding which housed the PX and snack bar, the movie theater, and the small shack outside the main gate where we bought our car insurance! Robert Sanchez email, Hi MichaelaI was in C-Btry 2/42 around 1976/78, and I knew all those dudes. This page is open to anyone who served at McKee Barracks and their family members. McKee Barracks (US Army) Crailsheim. Dear Amy,I was searching the web looking for some information about my time in the US Army. Is that even possible that we are that old?I looked for an old Army friend in Michigan who wasn't listed and I started calling people with the same last name. He said that he was flying in the area and started having some serious problem with his aircraft. AFN radio was picked up from stations in Stuttgart, or Nurnberg. We were the Aid Station that was on the first floor of the bank building. Hi, I was also stationed at Crailsheim / McKee Kaserne but from April 84 - September 85. I was the Supply Clerk until 3 months before I left. We were with Svc Btry 4/12 FA during our first 3 years in Crailsheim, then they deactivated and I'll be darned if I can remember who came in. However, many years later, I can say that I am a better man because I was there. McKee Barracks, Dublin; Address: McKee Barracks, Blackhorse Ave., Dublin 7, D07 A065: Units: Director of CIS Corps Director of Engineer Corps it was empty thoe.Later on the 78th field artilery and ocupited that part of it and then tore the the fience and 4 towers down. Linden who I later found out had been killed in a car crash. The Wilsons in Waveland lost everything during Katrina and had to build back, piece by piece. Jim attended school there being active in football, track and field. I worked there as swicth board operator. We later moved into the military housing. I got unbelievably lucky, and hit his cousin on the first phone call and he directed me to his mother. It was inactivated 20 July 1947 and redesignated 18 November 1947 as Headquarters Detachment, 7th Quartermaster Group and inactivated 20 September 1957 in Germany. As I remember, pretty darn good. McKee Barracks Crailsheim, Germany - Military Airfield . My name is Bill GoodyearTake care Brother and stay in touch.Cell::480-330-6518bcgoodyear@outlook. REFORGER, ASP to Crete, PSP-82 guard duty and CQ was the worse on weekends because, they often kept me from hanging out at my favorite placesThe Gasthaus Gruner Brau (downtown) or the New Yorker Nightclub (Rossfeld, I think). David Braunstein was my platoon leader in bootcamp at Ft Sill, and we arrived at Crailsheim together. 2/42 FA, C Battery, 1976-1979. We found this blog while searching for information about the McKee Barracks in Crailsheim. Things have definitely changed in 26 years. It broadened my outlook considerably, and I consider myself lucky to have spent time there.That was offset somewhat by being in a tactical nuclear missle unit. I would really like to get in touch with some old friends- so would my sister Jule who lives now in Greece after living in Wisconsin for 7 years and then moved back to Germany. Ha! Unsere deutschen Freunde sind herzlich. The apartment buildings are now many different colors other than the beige color with "A" and "B" on them. 4 (Sep., 1972), pp. I time and place that I will always carry with me. I feel there are other forums for those doing genealogical research and that is not the purpose of this blog. He unfortunately died over 10 years ago. Sad but progress, at least the housing area was put to use. "1891 McKee Barracks, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin",, This page was last edited on 27 August 2022, at 19:19. [7], The plans were prepared by the Royal Engineers' Department, under the direction of architect Major Robert Barklie RE, Larne, Co. CRAILSHEIM, Germany - At the end of World War II, the city of Crailsheim became home to thousands of American soldiers. The barracks was home to several different British units throughout it's history but was primarily for Cavalry units. I don't recall the folks in the housing office. On 15 October 1891 the headquarters of the 10th Hussars was moved there under Major Manners-Wood (commanding). I hope you weren't in Hohenfels the year the advance party put up the big tents in the frozen ground, and then we had a rain, and all the tents fell on top of us. I remember freezing my backside off at Hohenfels with Jerry and am pretty sure Joe spent time at the Stern (didn't most single GI's?). One memory I have is during the 1973 Israel-Egypt war, when the Isreali Army crossed the Suez Canal, both the 1/51 and 5/73 FA (or 2/42 FA) left overnight to their alert positions. Lightweight, superior quality, soft cotton material I was stationed in Crailsheim with the 37th Armor from January 1958 to June 1959. Thank you for posting this. Their was also a medical detachment and a platoon of the 126th maintenence. Anyone know of any good pics of the base online?Thanks,Mike, Thank you all for sharing your memories of McKee Barracks and of Crailsheim in general!I don't really have many pictures of the base when we were stationed theremost of our pictures featured a small, dark-haired boy who will be 19 come July and just graduated from high school two weeks ago. Extracted from US Army film "City Burns, Crailsheim, Germany ; 10th Armored Division,. I bet you have some stories to tell about Crailsheim and McKee Barracks back in "the day"! I often wonder what ever happened to my buddies.I was in 2/42 B-battery, artillery surveyor. McKee Barracks. They made a point to photograph a lot of the building right before they were torn down. I have many fond memories. Thanks for the memories!Mark Fogleman, Concord, NC. Amy,Great article about your visit to Crailsheim! its on face book "the New Mckee barracks Alumni . Any help is welcome.Thank you in, David Fingeroos here,Ironwood,Michigan. When I arrived there LTC Harry Lawson was the CO, later replaced by LTC Charlie Ross.I worked for CPT Mercier and SFC Langston at S-3, and also with MSG Belding from S-2. I never could figure that out, but then I never figured out the Army either. Good memories! but I also had some very interesting TDY experiences. Arnie, Loved the stories. We did lose the USAREUR football quarter finals that year.A few of us made friend with the Bartel Family of Stimpfach. He called the AF officer in charge and let him have it. Bethany, I remember Frau Linden. McKee Barracks is located one mile east of Crailsheim, a junction point for highway and railway traffic crisscrossing central Germany. My son studied German in high school and college and had always wanted to visit Germany, so we went for 30 days in 2006. [2], Following the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the barracks was handed over to the Army of the Irish Free State on 17 December 1922 and renamed McKee Barracks (after Brigadier Dick McKee, a prominent IRA officer and Officer in Command (O/C) of the Dublin Brigade) at some stage between 1926 and 1930. I think of the place often, and would like to return for a visit. I was the Company Clerk for Company B, 3rd Battalion, 37th Armor. Antrim. Veteran L. Prickett, "Dear VetFriends, Thanks so much for your help! (Bear, Zigarets, Jack Daniels,.Sometimes we tavel to Wrzburg (Lighning Baraks, there was ab big shopping center, but the base is closed today) It was a grate time. Wonderful family! Thank you in advance. Any idea which town/parrish he was from? Unit of Service: Company C, 126th Ordnance Battalion, 4th Armored Division Location of Service: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Fort Knox, Kentucky; McKee Barracks, Crailsheim, Germany Highest Rank: Specialist Five Dates of Service: 1960-1963 Entrance into Service: Enlisted Military Status: Veteran Materials We looked forward to going at least once a week during football season to catch the NFL highlight films. I too was in shocked when I re-visited the "sheim" back in 2007. He is so thankful I called and we exchanged addresses and he wants to come and visit. i was 2/42 fa lance 80-82 here is the link. I remember all of the places you are talking about, PX, theater, Gym, etc. Good looking boys. Hope this helped with coloring in the memories. See 48 traveller reviews, 42 candid photos, and great deals for McKee Hotel, ranked #1 of 7 B&Bs / inns in Crailsheim and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. I still have a Crailsheim German police hat that I got from a German police officer. I'm leaving my email address and if anyone has any information at all that could lead me to him, I would be so grateful. They had the best "House Platte" in the world. nukem till they glow. Thank you for starting this blog. The pilot was a former member of the German Luftwaffe. He always let us into the Disco side even when most GIs couldnt get in. The fact that my wife spoke German helped. We would play other batteries and we had the best at that time. Did you proudly serve in MCKEE BARRACKS, GERMANY? Like many of you it was some of the best years of my life. The next year we found out just how tough she really was. Farmers still worked the fields directly across Highway 14 from the main gate. He took us to Bertschgarden (sp? thanks fortaking the time.Bob, You're not kidding, Bob! She was from a little town around there. McKee Barracks, Crailsheim, around 1960 (Source: 4th Armored Division, Welcome Booklet, 1960 or 1961) Aerial of McKee Barracks. The sign over the front gate (Mckee Barracks) stood for a long time but was also gone the last time i was there. bob wilson is now living in waveland ms.if anyone wants they can email me at chambersharley03@gmail,com. greg webb was there. I am 34years old. It always surprised me how may fatalities occurred during reforger that involved traffic accidents, drownings, and plane crashes. I still can taste those burgers till this day. I've got to tell you, Sid, I never ask anyone's name so I have no clue who ran the laundry. I don't know how many more years that lasted, as it would definitely not be considered an appropriate thing to do nowdays, with civilians living in those apartments. I could go on and on but am glad to hear from someone that was there during the same time. They had the best Jagerschnitzel with their homegrown button mushrooms! Is it possible that he spent a little time at the Gasthaus Stern. I am back here now (literally as I am typing, sitting in the Hotel Schwarzer Bock) for the first time since I left in 83, with my son who was born in late 83 (I met his mother here in Crailsheim). Danny,My ex husband, Tim, was a Corporal and then a Sergeant during our time with Svc Btry 4/12 FA. med. I'm Ed Dewey, and I was an artillery surveyor in the 5/73, then the 2/42 (Lance) from early '72 until Aug. 74.If anyone remembers me, send me an email at: rocketed@att.netEd, I was there as an artillery surveyor from early '72 until Aug. '74. This page is open to anyone who served at McKee Barracks and their family members. During my time there (Jun of 76 - Dec of '79), I was SP/4 Reid, HHB, 2/42 FA (Lance). After 36 years away from the area, he could not believe it.All in all, I loved my time there and agree with everyone about the beauty and magic of Crailsheim!By the way, just connected with two of my old buddies from 3/37.Gary Cardenas. Their presence drew mixed reaction from the people of Crailsheim. 4.2 oz. I was too young to remember name of the Gasthaus my folks took me to every Saturday night. 2,944,190. We were assigned to several Reforgers and we investigated all the accidents. there was this guy we called slope head. The 97th MP Bn (Confinement), which ran the Mannheim Correctional Facility, was also in Mannheim. It was something like out of a picture book. ore any other plase near Crailsheim? It was owned by a family, who were great people. I have many fotos of McKee bks to be put in my book but these storie that I read in this blog are great. HAVE YOU EVER ACTUALLY "TALKED" TO A VAMPIRE . I have only been back once, on a Reforger Exercise in 1984.

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