Thinking about how we could use an extension or an app like Rentlogic to help contract-to-deed, land contract purchaser, rent-to-owners could use in order to vet the different companies they sign with!

Rentlogic, a startup trying to give renters the real story about their apartments, has recently released a browser extension that tells renters the grade–A, B, C, or F–of the building they’re looking at. That building on the Upper West Side, for instance, gets an F because of the number of violations verified by New York City inspectors that have accumulated over the years. The extension works across every major rental listings site in New York City.

“The idea of creating this plugin is that we don’t really care where you find your apartment, if you go on StreetEasy, Craigslist, Zillow, or if you just call a broker, we just want you to look up the rating before you sign the lease,” says Yale Fox, the company’s founder and CEO.

Source: Rentlogic