Harbour Portfolio Case Study


Thinking about the new wave of land installment contract purveyors as simply a resurgence of the Traditional Land Installment Contract Scheme, where the goal is to churn through as many buyers as possible, is a potentially simplistic view of the phenomenon of residential land installment contracts.

Of course, there are reasons to doubt the foregoing argument. One is that Harbour Portfolio Advisors does consider itself, and advertises itself, as being in the business of rent-to-own homes. However, the point is not that Harbour Portfolio Advisors, and other companies like it, are necessarily involved in offering units via land installment contract purely to circumvent the implied warranty of habitability, but rather that there are significant differences, both historically and economically, in the conditions that exist today and those that enabled the Traditional Land Installment Contract scheme,

that deserve careful analysis in order to determine what companies like Harbour are really up to.